The Lesson

Head high mountains of ARAVALI range, small but beautiful lake in the middle of the city – this could be a crisp description of the place where I grew up. I have so many beautiful memories of this place.

Good or bad, better or worst almost every emotion was first felt here. When I left my city for further studies, 9 years back, I never knew that I was so deeply connected to it. At that time it was just another city for me.
Now-a-days whenever I visit this city back, as soon as I enter, I get a warm feeling from the air, clouds, roads, places having ton of memories attached to almost every single corner of it. This breeze still feels the same, familiar and brings me back to the time when I was just a school going kid, when losing a match with friends was the biggest lost, every single evening.

Never realized that time flew so fast, just like a blink. But now I am at that stage, where fear of losing a match has changed into losing timeout on friends and family, grip on job, etc… The city always reminds me of old days and I always put it like “GOOD OLD DAYS”. But I think, the fears and insecurities that I have today are they real or I will have the same emotions on these too after a decade, when I stand on the same situation, laughing out loud and naming these also as “GOOD OLD DAYS”.
The answer came from inside.. Yes Yes Yes… No worries or fears or insecurities are permanent, this is just a phase where we value these things more than other great aspects of our life. Nothing is more important than living the moment and enjoying it to the full and maximum. The pleasure of living moments are the best ones.


I really feel wonderful that this homecoming made me realize that these things doesn’t matter, its all just in the head and nothing else. The head high mountains and the deep lake exist at same place with same gratitude. The sense of coexistence is the best one to live upon.
Its almost a decade now, this city have changed so much, expanded with no boundaries, but the mountains are still there like before holding it high with eye in eye with sky, lake has more clearer water and I see the better me in it now.

They say that correct learning starts from home or like I would say from “HOMETOWN”.


एक अलग सा ही सुकून है यंहा की हवाओ में, कंही से भी आओ बस दिल भर आता है.

ये बड़े बड़े पर्वत हर बार कुछ नए से दिखाई देते है, ऐसा लगता है रूह एक है बस रूप बदल जाता है.

मुझसे मिल कर कुछ कह लेते है अपनी और पूछ लेते है व्यथा मेरी, यूँही ज़िंदगी का पहिया चलता जाता है.



यंहा एक अजीब सा ही अपनापन लगता है, पता नहीं इस वीराने में कौन इंतज़ार सा करता हो.

ये सामने खड़ा नीम का पेड़ पूछता है मुझसे, जो तुम मुझे यूँही नीरव सा छोड़ गए, क्या कोई है वंहा मुझ सा दिल बहलाने को?


जैसे इस शहर की हवा तन को छूती है, लगता है सरसरी सी दौड़ गयी बदन में,

कुछ पुराने दिन की यादें, भूले हुए पलों का दृशय फिर भर आया इन आखो में.

ajmer 2

बहुत देर ठहरने के बाद समझ आया; ये हवा, ये पर्वत और इन पेड़ो का महत्व उस घर से है जंहा बचपन बीता है,

शहर तो सारे ही एक जैसे है पर यंहा घर है मेरा जंहा खुशिया, गम और हर मौसम बीता है.


एक छोटा सा घर है यंहा जो मुझे खुदको को दुनिया की भीड़ में खोने नहीं देता,

इसी ने तो रखी है  मेरे असतित्व की पहचान को ज़िंदा मेरे बचपन एक एक याद को ज़िंदा।


A trip to Mulshi

It was a Friday night. And as usual I had plans to sleep all over the weekend. But my plan took a turn when I came across a breathtaking profile picture of my freind. Beautiful crimson sky, with deep blue water and and a blissful surrounding.

I felt this is the place that can really take me out from the boring schedule of every weekend.
I called my friend at 23.00 hours and told her to be ready at 4:00 hours. I had to force myself to sleep at 12:30 hours to break the enchanting effect of that picture on me.
As soon as the alarm started beeping, I just woke up in a second. I remember it was never like this on usual normal office days, I almost take half an hour to leave the bed. I left my room as soon as possible. It was pitch dark and I could feel the cold breeze on my face. I picked up my friend and as usual she didn’t have any clue as to where we were proceeding. I like having this kind of friend who doesn’t question me much for going out.
We finally started at 5:30 hours. I came on Nagar Road and started towards the Mumbai-Pune Expressway. Navigation works as a handy tool for these kinds of journeys.
Roads were deserted and beautiful. I crossed the whole city almost in half an hour only. The whole march was so hot in Pune that this early chilled morning delighted us. We both were enjoying the ride. Nearly after 50 km, the sky was lit with the morning Sun. The beautiful morning had finally arrived.

We took a break as my hands were freezing. From there a bit tricky road started. There were many pot holes. Riding a stretch of 10 km proved to be very difficult.
But after that the view was stunning. On one side there were high hills. While on the other side was the beautiful crystal clear blue river. The cold wind penetrated my skin through the helmet.
It was almost 7:30 hours when we reached.
And yes this was the view that I was riding for. The water had taken the colour of the sun as if they were a team and the view was just serene. I stood there quietly for a long time and was just trying to feel the amazing beauty of nature.


The drive had left us extremely famished and we started longing for food. We went to a resort. It was over-priced but was worth the place.
Admiring the nature’s beauty, we stood there astounded for an hour.
We heralded back towards Pune. Now the sun was over our heads. It was getting hard to drive as the time flew.
Finally I reached back at 11.
What a weekend start loved it!!!!!!!!